Control and Rebranding Your Show

Ask the podcast coach answers your podcast questions every week live.

This week we answered questions about

[3:00] and recording shows with people in different locations

[6:00] We help Nancy answer questions about owning your feed (find Nancy at

[13:00] We talk about podcast titles

[22:00] International Podcast Day

[26:40] Shows with common phrases like Fantasy Football

[28:00] Music intros at the beginning

30:00 Do I Need a Mixer (see this episode on )

[35:00] Mapcon Reflections

[43:00] Patreon has Redesigned their interface

Jim is going to take a few weeks off to attend to his interns.

Also no show on 9/23/17 as Dave will be at National Podcast Power

We talk about sponsors and long-term friends as we wrap up.

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