Comparing Your Podcast to Others is Unhealthy

Today we talk about the following topics:

Merchandise / Swag

There are places you can do this with Amazon and Teepublic make it easy to create t-shirts and other swag items.

Collector's items and scarcity can help sell items – create website from an RSS feed

CPM at Spreaker is .0026 per download

The smallest episode on is also his most profitable

The Messengers is now available on Amazon Prime Video

How a pre-interview call can lead to smooth interviews

[31:17] Thanks to all of our Awesome Supporters

[35:10] Episode 100 of the Story Behind Podcast is AMAZING

[37:50] The #2 Item that kills podcasts – Comparing your self to Others

[41:40] Putting your show on Pause

[44:45] Does your podcast has a death plan?

[48:10] Keeping a local copy of your files

[50:48] Good Grief Podcast and the Dealing with My Grief Podcast

[54:20] How do I find opportunities to be a guest see Podcasting Resources

Need Some Podcast Help?

Podcast One on one Consulting

School of Podcasting

Podcasting in Six Weeks Group Coaching






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