Cease and Desist – Website Compliance

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Dave Jackson, Ileane Smith, Jason Bryant, Austin Wood, Kim Krajci, Jim Collison, John Bukenas, Mike Dell, Carla, Craig Wealand, and James Prescott

Recap From Last Week on the Live365 Streaming

[1:35] Dave checked his stats and he is up to 22 listeners so far this month. The stats are not impressive for the $89 a month they are charging. If you want a streaming station you can get the same playlist features with Abovecast.com, but you will have to list your show in directories manually (Dave is working on a list for those interested).

Libsyn as a New Player that has a lot more tools to customize your player on your site.

[4:25]  This is what it looks like

2016 will looks to be the year of the player. Appendipity player is in beta. Dave hasn't played with it yet. He has a copy of it.

Austin Wants to Know How to Grow Your Audience

  1. Identify your audience
  2. Create content that will impact them in a positive way
  3. Go to where you audience is
  4. Make friends with your audience
  5. Tell them about your show

The equation for the number of downloads is:

Value in your episode multiplied by the amount of time spent promoting your shows = Total Number of Downloads

Austin should get a domain name, I prefer to have a self hosted WordPress install (use the coupon code podcastcoach), and get a microphone like the Audio technica 2100

James Prescot: How to Grow Your Podcast

[15:45] See above

 John Bukenas Has A Client Who Got a Cease and Desist Order

[17:40] How do you avoid this?

  1. Google Search. Lots of Searches.
  2. If you want to go the full route, you hire a lawyer.

Dave had a member of the School of Podcasting who had the Miami Valley Music Cast, but got a notice from the people who had musiccast. So he had to change the name of his show to www.audiogumshoe.com

As podcasting gets bigger we might see more legal issues come into the arena. Companies have to defend their trademark, and it gets fuzzy.

Craig Brings Up Making Sure your Website is Accessible to People Who Are Blind

[24:25] Make sure your images and menus are setup for screen readers. Blab is not very accessible. Libsyn and Blubrry (media hosts for podcasts) are both accessible (use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month on either site).

[31:00] Congrats to Craig who won an award for Best Education Podcast.m

Chuffed is the word of the day. It means happy or content

Miss Ileane Joins the Chat Thanks To Al Holtz for the Promoting the Show.

[32:35] Dave's My Favorite Podcast 2015 is coming out on Monday, and Al said he loved the Ask the Podcast Coach – especially when Miss Ileane is on the show.

Kim wants to know how to change the email that is listed in the feed

[37:40] Kim from onthetablepocasts.com asks how to find the email address. First you need to know what generates your RSS feed. It's in the iTunes settings of PowerPress. Thanks to Mike Dell from podcasthelpdesk.com (who works for Blubrry)

We talk about identifying your audience and getting feedback from your target audience.

New Media Expo in 2016?

[42:15] is NMC Dead? For 2016 more than likely.

Be Sure to Update Your PowerPress Plugin if You Update Your WordPress

[42:10] Mike Dell chimes in to let us know that the latest WordPress update had some extra special ingredients. If your feed says “no title” then update WordPress AND PowerPress and then let iTunes refresh your feed. WordPress is a big target as 25% of the Internet runs on WordPress.

Predictions For Podcasting?

[46:33] Dave hopes to see less tools designed by people who are designing tools for podcasters who have zero experience with podcasters. We all want to see the number of people consuming podcast goes up. More money will come into Podcasting. There will probably be another big break out show. We hope that the “Little guy” doesn't get squeezed out.” We will probably see people quit podcasting because they aren't making a living with it after a few months.

Revisit Live Streaming Discussion and SquareSpace

[57:15] Jason from Mattalkonline.com chimes in with his disappointing numbers from Live365.

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517 thoughts on “Cease and Desist – Website Compliance”

  1. Copyright and trademark law is well established. There will always be gray areas, but they’re not where a lot of podcasters would like to think they are.

  2. It’s the DRONES all over again. Podcasting is ruining people’s attention. There’s more car accidents, more airplane near misses, more cyclist not paying attention,more dogs not being walked. The Government will MANDATE Podcaster registration. Then we’ll have our own Marvel Civil War.

  3. I’m still a believer in 24/7 streaming channels that play a variety of compatible podcasts in rotation. However, I’m not convinced that the model will catch on. That’s strange because it’s a direct competitor to terrestrial radio, which is doing well.

  4. They need to hit on something that goes viral to get growth. If they don’t hit something soon, they’ll probably move on to another entrepreneurial endeavor that can be built and sold for a lot of money. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

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