Can I Podcast With Just an iPad or iPhone

Today Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting is joined by special guest Stephen Jondrew of the Gonna Geek Network and co-host of the Better Podcasting Show

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In Today's show, we discuss the following topics

[2:00] Microphones

[4:46] Weird Sounds in a Slightly Advanced Setup

[10:15] Podcasting with iPads, iPhones, Chromebooks

[18:47] What happens if your guest is accused of embellishment?

[23:30] Where to Put the Guests Name?

[27:00] New Apple Podcasts Tags

[32:00] Thanks to our Patrons. Be an Awesome Support Today

[32:30] Stephen's Background and behind the Scenes of Gonna Geek Network

[40:00] Advanced Stats on a specific Day

[44:18] Life/Work Balance – Podcasting with Children

[49:12] Magic Movie Studio

[52:23] Finding my Show's Ranking

Doing the BEst you can and living with the consequences



Acuity Scheduling





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