Can I Be On Your Podcast?

Dave is being inducted into the Academy of Podcasts Hall of Fame

[5:50] What questions can you ask to keep the conversation going with your emailers?

[12:02] How do I ask the be on a podcast?

[25:40] What's the deal with ?

[28:30] helps you find guests and helps you be found

[30:26] Thanks to all our Awesome supporters. Become a supporter today

[34:56] is having a synchronized watching of a Cubs game across the nation

[36:50] Newsjacking with your podcast

[37:54] Recording on an iPhone or iPad (ferrite )

[43:46] Your audio needs to be non-distracting

[48:00] Naming your podcast

[52:42] Don't put the word The in your title

[57:00] Favorite Football Moment



Mentioned in this Episode

Tascam DR-40 Recorder

Zoom H6 Portable Recorder

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1 thought on “Can I Be On Your Podcast?”

  1. Awesome show! Thanks so much for diving into the “how to choose a name” segment with my question! Using that question “What do you think the show is about?” to someone who would be in your target audience litmus test was a lightbulb.

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