Busy Seasons and Sloppy Podcasts

Today Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions including:

Taking on too many projects can lead to mistakes

[7:00] Road Trip to Mapcon?

[09:00] Spext.co seems similar to Descript 

[13:00] Otter.ai and Jonathan from Trivia Warfare

[16:15] Seo, YouTube, Thumbnails can be an all-day job

[19:00] Patron Changes will Change a bit in 2020

[23:30] Starting a second show

[28:14] Using a VA to help remove some of the stress

[35:29] Storychief mention and Tumblr

[38:33] Thanks to our awesome supporters

[40:00] Scale About?

Membership sites insights ( I Use Thinkific )

[52:00] It may be time to play with Squarespace

[54:00] GOOD DAY SIR!


Thoughts on a new media host? See www.podcastmediahosting.com

[01:05:00] Isn't that what Luminary was going to do?

[01:06:30] Subcategories in Apple?

[01:09:00] Broken English guests.

[01:15:00] Google to the rescue

[01:10:00] Apple Podcasts = Podcasts

[01:21]: oo Emily tells us about her concussion, and

Biotene Spray

Biotene Rinse

Swirlygig Clip your drink to your mic stand

Dave's doctor update

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