Behind the Scenes of Radio With Michael Sharkey

We are joined by Michael Sharkey from the Talent Show and Zen Shark Media who helps people shape their content.

Firetalk is dead and we've moved to

[3:50] What does a producer do for the show?

[6:23] What is a typical day like in radio?

[10:50] Any thoughts on keeping your thoughts organized

[13:42] Heilo insights its twitter with audio

[15:50] International Podcast Day

[18:55] Behind the scenes stories of Radio – its chaos

[21:44] Podcast Bingo – A quick sample of a Random Podcast NEJM Podcast

[27:26] Bad Audio vs Good Content – Gary V

[31:40] Thanks to our Awesome Supporters

[33:02] Dave's domain addiction just cost him some big bucks. Need a domain? Go to Dave's Godaddy reseller account at (the power of Godaddy and you can support Dave at the same time)

[35:18] What does the chat room think of

[36:18] International Podcast Day Grattitude Award insights with Daniel J Lewis of the Audacity to Podcast

[42:08] Audio is important – There are exceptions

[43:00] You never know who is listening – Sting story

[45:30] International Podcast Day insights Pre-roll ads are being dropped

[48:56] What other streaming platforms are people trying

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