Becoming a Zoom Master

As we end week five of the pandemic, we are talking about how people with no technical skills are now becoming masters of zoom. Educational systems are adapting. It's not fun, but we are learning to adapt and get through this tough time.

[00:38] The Morning Pour

[01:58] I'm starting a podcast. What is a podcast?

[03:41] People are learning Zoom

[06:08]. Zoom Uses VBR

[08:55]. More People Using Zoom

[15:23]. Google Meet?

[17:14]. Enough with the backgrounds!

[19:48]. Jimmy Fallon Embracing YouTubers

[21:02]. Broken Link Checker

[26:25] Ubersuggest

[26:56] Amazon affiliate payments cut

[33:47] Ozone Plugins For Free

[34:29] Our Awesome Supporters

[39:07] Sure SM7B

[40:37] FIFA Investigation

[43:54] Education Talk and SM7B

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Every week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions.
This episode 289 is part of the Power of Podcasting Network

[01:00:54] Snow Days ?
[01:11:24] Round Two Coming?
[01:13:46] Dave can draw on his screen
[01:16:14] Fun with Shipping
[01:16:48] Audio Grams
[01:19:08] Adding Audio to Youtbe
[01:20:42] Multiple channels under one email
[01:26:53] Red Circle Free hosting
[01:31:54] Launchpad hosting


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