Are There Too Many Podcasts?

Today on episode 230 we are joined by Emily Prokop who has her book “The Story Behind” launching next week, and is the host of the Story Behind Podcast and an editor at Epodcast Productions

Reminder: No Show Next week

Dave binge listened on Making Oprah (now renamed Making Obama)

[4:42] Are there too many podcasts?

[10:43] If you borrow a style of someone who is no longer doing a show…. (the Led Zepplin approach)

[12:00] Emily's new book “Drops” on Monday ORDER TODAY

[16:30] Do we need episode numbers in our podcasts?

[20:10] Dave is going to Australia and keeping up with all the events

[26:30] Can I have a domain point at this website?

[29:00] Domain Fever and Privacy in Domains (see )

[33:10] Can I just record with a compressor limiter gatelike the DBX286 


[42:08] Some slight issues with my Mixpre-6 (their support is AWESOME)

[44:50] Are Mixpres? Plug and play?

[45:52] Best Recorder for Beginners?

[47:06] WHy Emily Uses Reaper Software

[48:00] I'm getting infatuated with Adobe Audition with their new tools

[50:40] Audacity has a new version. What software should beginners learn

[56:36] A million ums, or a Cave?

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