Apple’s Recommended File Format

[2:00] My listener is somewhat abusive, how do I handle this?
[9:50] Apple Recommended AAC over Mp3 see
[12:57] Hindenburg allows you to make chapter markers in mp3 files – should I use them?
[18:15] Calendar and planning ahead
[18:20] Do you have a show calendar?
[22:30] Hearing other people talk about you, should I change the name of the Podcast Rodeo show?
[30:08] Burt Reynolds photo?
[31:18] Busy vis productive time (mentioned )
[33:25] Giving your brain a break
[38:13] Thanks to our Awesome Supporters
[40:44] Chris's wife also podcasts at and Journey Podcasts (lifelong learning )
[42:50] Children are now playing podcasts
[48:00] Chris' top tool is Voice Meeter banana  (sign up to be an awesome supporter to see Chris Demo VB Banana)
[53:47] How Chris records interviews
[57:00] International Podcast Day!

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