550,000 Podcasts in Apple Delivering 50 Billion Downloads

School of Podcasting Learn How to Podcast[2:14] "]Should I do a podcast under my umbrella and work with a client who has a large audience, or should I do the podcast for them so it goes to that big audience, but now I would need to get approval for content.

[10:44] The “giant” commitment of a podcast launch

[13:48] 550,000 podcasts in Apple Podcasts Read Story

[18:42] Should I start a podcast? Everyone is ahead of me…

[16:56] Howard Stern Interview on Netflix on David Letterman show

[21:14] "]Jm and Emily listen to each other's show

[23:06] "]More news on Google App 

[24:28] My numbers are down after adding podtrac (be careful adding prefixes )

[27:08] Than to our Awesome Supporters

[28:18] "]Building an audience before you launch

[33:42] My Search results in WordPress are weird

[35:00] Affiliate program for the School of Podcasting

[36:52] Why do you podcast? Jim loves to help people

[38:52] "]The “Why” of the Alexacast has changed for Dave.

[40:42] Dave can't get a grip on his Hall Of Fame Acceptance Speech

[44:22] "]Benefits of a Patreon account

[46:24] A slightly icky approach to getting on a podcast

[49:20] Having awkward conversations is best in the long run

[51:56] "]Money changes everything

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