Is There an App Gap (Epic Film guys)

[3:42] What is the cheapest setup to record two people without latency?
Zoom H2n

Rode Lavalier microphones and adapter for multiple microphones into an iPhone

[7:24] What should I take to Podcast Movement?

[12:22] "]Updating a File that I've already published

[16:02] New Google Search Widget
Update they only want one.

[17:34] Audioboom has four weeks left

[23:14] supposed to be the biggest library of audio…*sigh*

[27:00] Thanks to our supporters

[27:50] App Gap? Do I Need My Own App?

You can get your own app at (use the coupon code sopfree for a free month at

[34:40] Do you need an RSS feed to be a podcast?

[35:20] Recording Sample Rates 44.1 vs 48 K

[36:07] Back to the can of Worms: Are we podcasters or Content Creators?

[40:49] Describing podcasting to people 50+

Dave On Golden Opportunities Television Show

[46:54] What's Radio?

[47:25] Maps of the most popular shows on a map?

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