Anchor First Impressions – Streaming Your Show

Today Dave flies solo to answer your questions.

How do you Get Listeners to Come Back Next Week and Subscribe?

[1:39] Well it all starts with content. When you know your audience you can provide content that fits their needs and their wants. That is part 1. Part 2 is be sure to mention what you did in previous shows (and make it SUPER easy to find it) and at the end of the show tease what is coming on next week. The Podcast Talent Coach podcast does a good job of this.

Dave Talks About Anchor

[5:00] Dave talks about a new app called Anchor that podcaster might use to get feedback on their show. It has potential both good and bad.

Thanks to Judy for the “Have you seen my podcast?” shirt. Check out her podcast

Clammr vs Anchor

[9:00] "]Anchor is more for commenting on a show/ Clammr is more about sharing prerecorded information.

I find it amazing that some people want their first impression to be an F-bomb. Really?

Anchor could very easily be “the next big thing” that will fade away in 9 months.

Dave is in Instagram hell…

The more places you are at the more place you have to check. Keep that in mind.

Nielson Wanting to Get Into Podcast Statistics

[15:30] if Nieslon thinks Apple is going to share their stats, then they are more clueless than I think. shares how Radio creates their stats and shares some information on how to sell ads, and also some insights into doing a podcast for a living.

It seems the independent podcasters are getting squeezed.

Jim mentions the episode with America's Horse Husband Glenn Hebert

It took Jim 7 years to podcast full time (not seven weeks)

Jim has about 5% of his audience sign up for his premium content.

Pamela Sound Horrible

[27:50] I used it and it sounds bad. Any ideas?

Make sure it's listening to the right microphone

Make sure to record as wav file.

Turn everything else off so your computer can focus on the recording.

Dave uses a portable recorder so there is always a backup.

[32:38] How did you dial in your sound?

Don't get hung up on the sound quality. Bring content and people won't care what microphone you're using as long as the audio is not distracting.

Be sure to record in wav or AIFF on mac and stay in that format until you're ready to mix down your final mp3. If you record and edit in mp3 it hurts your audio quality.

Use a dynamic microphone o it doesn't pick up so much background noise. Nobody is going to say, “Well I would listen if they had a Heil PR40

Use hard wired connections (instead of wi-fi)

Any play on any media host is a listen (more or less). One doesn't have more value than another.

No Cup Cake Zone doesn't have a website, and is having a hard time getting people to subscribe.

Make your website your “HOME” with your other social media channels your “Satellites.

If you don't have a website, Dave uses Host Gator and if you use the coupon podcastcoach you save 25%

[48:32] Where Can I stream My Site?

Blog Talk Radio (use the coupon sopfree) 

or if you want to have a streaming station Check out Above Cast

Dave makes little 5 minute snippets and puts them on his streaming channel. He also has ads on his streaming channel.

Is Blab Something I Can Build On?

[56:15] It is in beta. Some week's its great, and some weeks things are wonky. The better thing to do is to give out an address and then if something happens, you can switch into a different system but use the same web address.


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