Amazon Inches Towards Podcasting

Amazon is going to be adding podcasting the Amazon music. We don't have a lot of details. We just know they are working with (get a free month using the coupon code sopfree) they are populating a database that is NOT AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC (YET). If you are a Libsyn customer you can add your show to Amazon using the steps in this tutorial


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Mark is an award-winning graphic artist AND he's a podcaster. Check him out at and let him know Dave and Jim sent you.

[00:54] Sponsor:
[02:11] Trying New Things
[05:01] Microsoft Edge
[10:54] Amazon Destination at Libsyn
[13:37] Alexa vs Google vs Siri
[18:36] Smart Speaker Usage
[20:39] Apple and Google Meda Host?
[23:24] Podcast Promos
[28:49] Our Awesome Supporters
[35:08] Adding Video to Your Audio Podcast
[36:36] Auphonic vs Hindenburg
[39:20] Interview Pre-Call
[40:45] Daves Confusing Interview
[49:00] Jim's Old 80's Videos Removed
[52:18] RIAA Take Downs Still on the Rise

Post Show For Patrons

[59:44] Dave Was A Roadie For Autograph

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