After Show Compilation

This is a special compilation of the “After show” that we do after we stop the show at an hour. Thank to Jim for pulling some clips.

Should Everyone Start a Podcast?

We talk about barriers to podcasting, and what would happen if there were zero barriers.

Dave Meets Trapper Jack [5:00]

Dave talks about meeting a Cleveland radio legend.

Amazon Affiliate Details[11:45]

Your links has to be very clear that you are using affiliate links. Sub domains are not good (

Amazon wouldn't come on the show to clear up any confusion

Fresh Bundle Master Makes Groups of Amazon Products Together

New Players – Audio Boo [28:00] ish]

Powerpress has some playlists coming in the future

Audio boo seems to have a sexy player.

Solid State Drives (SSD) [32:00]

Jim talks about how SSDs are really fast.

SSD is legit.

Quick update on the School of Podcasting “version 3”

What Do You Do If You're Not Available for Your Live Show [38:00]

Dave talks about trying to do the show while he was in Texas to do the show.

Dave shares about being the Student Newsletter Editor at Stark State College.

Best John Lee Dumas Interview [45:00] (MoneyPlan Sos)

What if your genre is crowded [49:00] minute

Connecting With Your Audience Taylor Swift Style [55:50]

Jim is DONE with iTunes and all the stress of New and Noteworthy.



Listen to the Episode Below (01:06:48)
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